Bubbler GPS

Bubbler GPS

*Note:  Clicking on each item will take you into a detail page for the item.  Only some items have colored indicators.  You need only to be concerned with red indicators.  All other items are optional.  Remember to hit "Save" when you make changes or they will be discarded when you leave the page.

1.  SpotWalla Login-  Enter the email address and password that you use for the SpotWalla.com website.  You MUST have a SpotWalla.com account for Bubbler GPS to function.  http://SpotWalla.com 

2.  SpotWalla Device- In this page, you will see all of the "Devices" which you have set up in SpotWalla.com.  An item with a green light means you have already set that device up in Bubbler GPS and all points and messages will be assigned to that device.  Devices in grey/off are available for you to choose.  Items in orange have not enabled "Web API" access in SpotWalla.com  To enable "Web API" access, go to SpotWalla.com, login, and select devices.  Select the device you would like to use with Bubbler GPS and choose "Web API".  This must be enabled to allow Bubbler GPS to use it.   *IMPORTANT*  You should have a dedicated Bubbler GPS device. DO NOT reuse an existing Spot, Latitude or other device as it will make a mess of your trip maps being in 2 places at the same time.

3.  Update Frequency-  There are 2 settings on the page. 

  • The first sets the time in minutes between the orange track dots on your SpotWalla.com map.  The lower the number, the more points on the map, and, the more battery you will use.  The default for Bubbler GPS Pro is 10 minutes, and Bubbler GPS Lite is 15 minutes. 
  • The second box is for the amount of patience your phone should have waiting for a GPS position.  The longer the time, the better chance you have of collecting a position under adverse conditions.  Conversely, if you are inside or under heavy cover, you will use more battery the longer it tries.  45 seconds works well for most devices, some with higher quality gps hardware can frequently go shorter in the 20-30 second range or even lower.  


4.  Communications-  If you would like to limit Bubbler GPS to only use WiFi/Wireless, and not send data over a cellular connection, you may check this box.    


5.  General-  There are 2 settings on the page.

  • OrientationThis defines whether your phone or table will work up and down (portrait, normal for phone), or in landscape, which is longer side to side than it is top to bottom.  Auto-rotate will change the positions of the screens depending on how you hold your phone.
  • Message Layout-  This is for users who would prefer a list, rather than the buttons in the messages page.


6.  Advanced -Enabling debugging may be requested by our support staff to assist them in troubleshooting any issues you may have.  This setting is not recommended for normal use, at it can generate large files if forgotten.